Jan Almasy


Jan Almasy, a native of Ohio, has dedicated his life to the service of other people. With an undying passion for identifying potential in a person or group, Jan enjoys facilitating the identification of inner potential, encouraging the release of that potential, and fostering continued growth after the realization of that potential.

Jan started JJD Thoughts in October of 2017 as a way to reach out to a suffering population in his local area plagued by depression and suicide. As JJD Thoughts began to grow, he realized that it had the potential to reach far beyond the local area.

He began networking with close friends who pushed him to take JJD Thoughts to the next level. He will be forever grateful to those faithful few that believed in the mission behind this company.

JJD Thoughts is now a multimedia outreach company dedicated to creating intellectually stimulating and educational content to benefit all of its listeners regardless of age, socioeconomic status, educational level, or religious beliefs.


"The True Measure of a person's success is not how successful they are themselves.... but how many people they are able to lead to success along with them"

- Jan Almasy

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