The Apex Blog | Gratitude and Thanksgiving | Jan Almasy


Such an important concept yet always overlooked. Too many times we get caught up in "I'll be happy when" or "I'll be happy if just.." and we lose sight of what truly matters. Gratitude is something that can completely change your life. Start taking the time to look at the little things we have available. Regardless of situation, stature, or location.

Sometimes the most unhappy people I have ever encountered have been the most wealthy. Why? They are searching for happiness in materialistic things and are never grateful for what they have earned, only what they are hoping to achieve. I am by no means saying that all people who encounter wealth in their lives become like this, only that sometimes money and power have a way of twisting the human soul.

Go tell someone you love them. Buy a strangers drink behind you in the drive-thru. Kiss your significant other out of nowhere. Be grateful. Be giving. Be loving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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