Spartans of Kindness | A Good Marriage | Jon Deitz

I often say (Metaphorically of Course) There are hundreds of problems that could show up in a marriage, and everyone gets at least 10. 

Sometimes there are problems you just inherit.

Sometimes there are problems that simply evolve. 

Sometimes there are problems that come as a surprise. 

Either way, managing problems in a marriage is just part of being married. 

The question becomes, can you live with, or tolerate the 10 problems you have been saddled with. 

Maybe your spouse is not very good at cleaning up after themselves in the home, but they are Great in bed.

Can you live with that?

Maybe your spouse is a great cook, however inherently accrues much debt. 

Can you live with that?

Maybe your spouse is not always faithful, but provides a tremendous lavish lifestyle. 

Can you live with that?

That is why I always say; “Never marry someone you can live with, only someone you CAN NOT live without.” 

As these problems arise, if you cannot live without this person, the problems seem to be a bit easier to tolerate. A healthy relationship comes from much give-and-take. The question becomes, how much are you willing to give, vs. how much you are willing to take.

In my life, I have seen marriages go through many difficult struggles, some that appear to be doomed from the very beginning, yet somehow seem to stand the test of time.  Others, seem to be perfect from the very beginning... then one day, you come to learn... it was all just a lie. 

Should you find yourself in a position where you CAN tolerate your 10 problems, embrace them, and work  diligently and with purpose to love, cherish, and honor your other half, and maybe... 

Just maybe... you can be one of those sacred few, that survive the marathon, that is otherwise known as... 

A Good Marriage.