The Apex Blog | The Effective Punch | Jan Almasy

Have you ever been in a position in life that required you to make a quick decision, but you couldn’t? You got so caught up in trying to make sure that you were going to make the right decision that you made no decision at all.

And it cost you.

My boxing trainer, Markees Watkins, is a wizard with words. The issue is he has most of his epiphanies while we’re hitting mits or when we are doing drills on the heavy bag. He almost always seems to know exactly what to say to bring out the best qualities in his fighters.

Whether in life or in the ring.

One of the quotes that hasn’t been lost to the shuffle inside the gym goes as follows: “Your punches don’t have to be perfect. They don’t even have to hurt. They just have to be effective”. What does he mean by that?

In life, as I said in the intro, many times we get stuck in cantankerous positions based on our own lack of self confidence to make decisive decisions. We get so dialed into the fact that every choice we have to make needs to be perfect that we paralyze ourselves, give ourselves a headache, and end up quitting before the job we wanted to get done was even started.

Your decisions ARE NEVER going to be perfect. I can tell you that, many times, things you do on a daily basis WILL NOT have an immediate foreseeable impact on you or the people around you; however, if you ARE WILLING to take a step forward and decisively make a decision.

You are making progress.

Sometimes, a punch isn’t meant to be a knockout blow. It’s only meant as a distraction to put together a three piece combo or a right hook. Your JAB is almost never your knockout punch, but without an effective jab a fighter is borderline useless. 

So throw a punch. Take a risk. Fail. Learn. Rebuild. And attack.