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My first paying job was as an assistant minor league video coordinator for the Cleveland Indians (mouth full right?). I got to meet so many incredible people during my two years with the Tribe and a very nice AL Championship Ring (can I get a Roll Tribe?) However, through all the experiences I had, one has stuck with me.

During games, I would sit with scouts from a variety of teams and became friends with the regular scouts that attended these games. I became especially close with a scout from the Seattle Mariners. We would talk about all aspects of baseball. One game was especially slow moving and he turned to me and asked, “All the guys on this team, who you think has the chance to make the show?” The show, for you non-baseball fans, is simply making it through the minor leagues and getting the call up to the majors. I pondered for a second and rambled off about three guy’s names. He told me I had a great eye for talent which made me feel pretty good about myself. He continued to talk and began talking about the pitcher currently on the mound. “This kid got all the intangibles to be a big leaguer, but he doesn’t have it in the three places you need. You know where you have to have “it” to be a major leaguer?” I shook my head no. He said, “A ball player has to have “it” in his mind, his heart, and his guts.”

To this day I still think about those words and how applicable they are to be successful and make it to the top in any sport, event, or really any aspect of life. Let’s break down these three crucial “it” factors.

Mind- To start anything, it starts with an idea. You must first conceive an idea before starting any type of journey. This idea will most likely simply be an end goal such as “finish my degree” or “win conference player of year”. The next step is to create a plan of attack. How will you reach that end goal and what daily actions are needed to achieve it? This simple idea and plan, when executed will result in success of the goal.

Heart- The heart concept is synonymous with toughness. There will be hurdles in the way of achieving any goal. Whether it is a stressful work day, a tough workout, or anything life throws at you, one with heart will find a way to get through it. Heart is also the love of the idea and goal generated. To execute anything extraordinary, you have to put your heart into it. Without heart backing up the mind, the mind is pretty much powerless.

Guts- My personal favorite factor of all. Guts is simply to courage to make a decision and stick with it, regardless of what others say. This also implies that you need to put yourself in a situation where failure could happen. A person with guts can stare failure dead in the eyes, accept it, regroup, and come back in victory. Many lack the guts to put themselves in a situation where failure could be a result. However, failure is never final and those who avoid failure usually end up finding it anyways.

Mind, heart, and guts are all needed equally to reach the top level of any profession. This is the backbone of every blog post I will write from this point over. Read it. Learn it. Implement it.

‘Til next time, Chomp ‘em.

- Dundee