The Apex Blog | Find A Way | Dominic Dundee

The thermometer reads 97 degrees, you have 3 miles left in your run, your legs are still dead from squats the previous day, and you didn’t sleep as well as you should’ve last night. Your mind tells you, it’s ok to stop and regroup and get back after it tomorrow.

You’ll feel better tomorrow. . .

Fast forward 24 hours. It’s even hotter today, you still have 3 miles to run to meet your weekly goal, your legs are still sore, and now you are hung over from the party last night. Now what do you do? Well, you could save it for tomorrow, but who know what obstacles tomorrow will bring. But these excuses are a dime a dozen, you know they will keep coming. So how do you silence the doubt and finish those 3 miles? You may think the answer is something super complicated. I say it's only three simple words. FIND A WAY.

I probably tell myself those three simple words about 100 times every day. Whether it’s reading a difficult scientific study, or finishing my stadium stair workout, I just keep repeating that short phrase. I first heard this phrase during my senior year of high school. It was our baseball team’s motto. To just find a way to win. Didn’t matter how ugly it was, a win… was a win. We found our way one game short of the final four, the farthest our school ever has been in the state tournament.

Next, I heard the phrase as a coach at Nashdohg Performance by my owner and mentor Chad Nasci. He has this sled that, with extra weight plates on it, weighs around 250-300 pounds. That wasn’t enough though. This sled has a technology behind it that the faster you push it one direction, it exerts a force back at you. I was really struggling with this sled one day and as sweat dripped down my face and I took a knee next to the sled, he simply looked down at me and said, “Find a way Dundee”. It may have been the fact that I felt close to death at that point, but that day the phrase “Find a Way” became my motto.

Now the question becomes, how do you keep these Demons away? These little voices telling you to quit? They’re persistent and they will keep coming back. You simply “find a way” to keep them at bay. Your doubts, insecurities, and the like will all line up and wait to exploit your lowest moments. Kick those suckers right in the teeth and find a way to get yourself through these tough times in life. Find a way to not only arrive, but to thrive. Find a way to be the best version of yourself.

Go Gators.

- Dundee