Spartans of Kindness | My Word Matters, Shouldn’t Yours? | Jon Deitz

Words Matter; shouldn’t mine? 

Years ago, maybe a generation ago, if you gave someone your word, it was like a sworn oath, it was going to happen, why? Because you were a person of character, 

You were a person of integrity, You were a person of your word, once you gave your word you were going to see it through.

I knew a gentleman named Ray. Ray was in his late 60s early 70s when he told me this story.  

You see Ray was a young boy in the hospital one winter, his father came to visit him in the hospital. Ray was so tired yet he was fighting sleep so hard because he was afraid that if he went to sleep his father would Leave. His father promised Ray he would wait for him and not leave to the point that he gave young Ray his coat to sleep with to assure Ray that he would not leave without his coat. When Ray woke he was devastated find his father had broken his promise, and was gone. 

When Ray, now some 60 years later, finished telling me the story, there were tears in his eyes because his father had broken his promise and was not a man of his word.  

Nowadays it seems like if someone tells you something, the only thing you know for sure, is that they don’t have laryngitis. Their word is little more then lip service, to buy time, make you feel good, or make you feel better, but for only a moment. Mostly to be followed by disappointment, as the reality settles in that…

Wow, I just got duped... again.  

No one likes that. 

My dad was a genuine man of his word, if he told you he was going to drive His truck through your front door in 20 minutes, you had about 15 minutes or so to move thing away from the front door, and then you need to get in behind something because he’s coming through... for sure!!! 

However, when he told me he loved me, I knew he meant that too. 

Sometimes your best vocabulary, is to just say nothing at all, however if you do say something ... 

make it right, 

make it matter, 

make it mean something, 

because I can promise you this, your word matters to whom your saying it to. For example,

I’ll be at your dance recital, or

I’ll be at your ballgame, or

I’ll be right back. 

Words matter... 

shouldn’t yours?