The Apex Blog | Offense Vs. Defense | jan Almasy

Have you ever thought about how a football team can relate to life? If you haven’t, by the end of this article hopefully you can see what I mean.

Although I was a wrestler and tennis player by trade in highschool, I played football my junior year. I was absolutely horrible, but I noticed a lot about what it meant to be a part of a team. That team had a lot of moving parts, and each one of those parts had to do their job in order for the play to work right.

Life, just like football, has a lot of moving parts. Different people, in different areas, all living independent timelines dedicated to their life specifically. For simplicities sake, lets say we split all people into two groups.

The Offense and The Defense.

Now, in practice, even though these people are all on the same team they are forced to beat on each other. Offense has to try and protect the quarterback from the defense, and the defense has to do everything they can to stop the forward progression of the football. Rep after rep, play after play, these two forces go at it. Especially during two-a-days, these two forces could really tire each other out. They talk crap to each other, pretend to (possibly really) hate each other, and purposefully try to make the other side fail.

All the while forcing the other side to develop and become stronger, better equipped, and mentally tougher.

So when it comes to standing under those friday night lights…

Everyone works together to get the job done with newfound strength and vigor given to them by the pressure put on them by their teammates during their development in practice.

They are faced with a new enemy. A new obstacle that requires the offense to cheer for the defense, and vice versa. 

In life, we are all members of either the offense or the defense. There may be times where it feels like we as a human race are directly pitted towards one another. That may just be practice. My question to you is…

What are you fighting? Are you fighting your fellow man? Are you fighting failure? Are you fighting sin? 

In the end, we are all human, and we all fight for the same team. We may beat each other down in practice, but when it comes to facing the music. When the world presents us as humans with a common enemy.

… Come Together.

… And Win.