Spartans of Kindness | it only takes 7-12 seconds | jon deitz

It Takes 7 to 12 seconds to change someone’s day.

When my girls were young and in elementary school, each morning as I would walk out the door, I would say, “hey girls, when the opportunity presents itself, make a positive difference in someone’s life today.”

It may be a teacher, it may be a classmate, however, It only takes about 7 to 12 seconds.

It may be as simple as holding a door for someone when their arms are full, or helping someone pick up crayons as they drop them accidentally on the floor, but if you look, often times, you can find a way to offer a helping hand. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to the one or ones that you were helping, it very well may be.

One time when I was leaving my doctors office, I saw an elderly couple struggling to get the man’s walker in their car,

I just took a moment, folded up the walker, set it in their car’s backseat, and away I went.

It was no big deal to me, but at the time, it was to them, and it literally just took a few seconds.

There was a young boy at my daughter’s Elementary school in a wheelchair, unfortunately, most people just walked right by and said nothing to him,

he was a big Cleveland Browns fan, all my daughters had to do was simply ask how the Browns did this weekend? How he was doing today? And wish him a Great rest of the week, in the end, it only took about 7 to 12 seconds. But their interest in him could leave a positive impression on him for a very long time.

I truly believe, if we invest in others with kindness, the rewards are Great, not necessarily for us individually, but for those we’re kind too because in the end, it really only takes, about 7 to 12 seconds to change someone’s life…

At least for that day.