Spartans of Kindness | Things We Take for Granted | Jon Deitz

Someone is praying today, for something we take for granted.

Recently my daughter attended a doctors appointment with her boyfriend to his Audiologist.

It seems hearing aids have now become high tech to the point of using Bluetooth. 

Astonished by the technology, clarity, and minimally invasive size, she called to tell me how cool it was and how happy he is with his new ability to hear clearly. 

A gift of clear hearing, that I, and so many of us take for granted each and every day.

A dear friend of mine in Colorado lost his right arm many years ago in a construction accident where he was electrocuted, after his priest had given him his last rights, somehow, miraculously he pulled through and has lived an incredibly rewarding positive life ever since.

I have spent time with him in the mountains on a few occasions each time coming back more and more amazed at how he has overcome his challenge, or so it would seem to me. It has been uncomfortable watching him attempt to zip his jacket, shift the gears in his manual transmission truck, and simply carry a gun. He reconfigured his motorcycle so he could ride with his hook, he camps and is a avid fisherman and has held a lucrative job for many years. 

He does it without complaint, or woe is me, but I can't help but wonder how much simpler his life would be if he just had another hand and an arm… Just like me. 

So count your many blessings name them one by one remember every day how blessed we are for what the Lord has done. Look upon those less fortunate with a sense of empathy or pride for how those less fortunate make it through each day with a limp they cannot hide. 

My limps are camouflaged so most cannot see.

So next time you tie your shoes, zip up a coat, or listen to the sweet harmony of birds up in the trees, just remember, someone is praying each day for something you and I take for granted.