The Apex Blog | Curveballs | Anonymous

Do you ever wake up in the morning and stare at the ceiling wondering how you’re going to survive life today?  Do you find yourself asking “why” and never getting an answer? Do you hear you telling yourself to get out of bed but your legs just don’t move?  Does it feel like life just keeps throwing curveballs that you just can’t seem to hit? These are questions I ask myself almost every morning. Waking up and starting a new day for most people is an opportunity to move forward, while some struggle to get past what happened the day before.  While life continues to surprise you, it’s easy to convince yourself that this is “karma” or somehow I’m the reason this happened. We tend to operate our daily lives on a schedule that we created, a routine that we are comfortable with, and when something disrupts that normalcy we don’t always know how to react.  The life you were once so content with has now been shattered by the world’s fastest curveball. You didn’t see it coming, but it came in hard and went flying right before your eyes.

Now what?  You’re standing there with the bat still at your shoulders, staring at the pitcher in disbelief.  Did that really just happen? Is it even possible that I didn’t see that one coming?

Bob Feller (Bullet Bob), from our very own Cleveland Indians said, “Every day is a new opportunity.  You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.”

Life is meant to challenge us.  It is full of curveballs that we aren’t expecting.  Some come in fast and hard, and others slow. Sometimes so slow we feel like the game is never going to end.  Some games we don’t get to chose to play, the game of life. We as people need to realize we cannot always be in control.  These curveballs are never going to stop and you’re never going to expect them. But you can choose what you want to do with them after they’ve hit the ground.  Now you are in control…

You can hold onto that ball and stare at it, asking “why”, wondering “how”, or you can use it as a weapon of motivation.  Challenge yourself, don’t allow yourself to lose. Overcome this obstacle and pride yourself in that even though you didn’t see it coming, you still came out on top.  You got out of bed this morning and you faced it head on. You’ve hit that home run you’ve been so desperate for. You’re not going to let this situation define you because while you’re struggling to get past the first missed curveball, the next one is already on its way down the field.

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