The Apex Blog | I'm a Genius | Jan Almasy

If you read this title, and instantly started doubting yourself. This article is for you.

We live in a society ravaged by constant comparison and competition. While in moderation these qualities can be healthy, it is the overabundant nature of their existence that is TOXIC to us. Instagram likes, Facebook shares, Filters… they all add into this facade that EVERYTHING we do has to be perfect…

Otherwise, we’re not worth anything.

Why are we so focused on how everyone around us is performing? Why do we compare ourselves to those people above and below us? Yes, I said above and below. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as “equality”. I’m not talking about gender, race, or religion. I’m talking about raw talent in a specific area. If we were all equal, I would be able to run as fast as Usain Bolt. Unfortunately, I was not genetically blessed with the ability to run that fast. Does that take away from my worth?


We are all given a talent set. A talent set that makes us completely unique and able to interpret, act on, and overcome obstacles unlike anyone else in this world. Out of billions and billions of people, YOU have a specific set of talents to fulfill YOUR purpose on this planet.

Yes. You have a purpose. You may not think you do when you stumble and fall. You may not think you do when you work hard at something, and still fail. You may not think you do when life smacks you in the face.

But you do.

We get so caught up in this comparative mindset that we neglect our own talents. Albert Einstein once said “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. It will live its entire life believing it is stupid.” 

What Albert Einstein foresaw was not a fish thinking about climbing trees. 


Einstein predicted me staring at successful people on Instagram wishing I was born with their talents. He predicted the kid in middle school that struggles athletically but is a scientific genius, HATING the fact that they aren’t popular because they’re a “nerd”. He predicted the girl that gets made fun of because she’s athletically inclined and can lift more than some of the boys.

We all try to place people into categories based on extremely shallow interpretations of “success.” Success isn’t only an outward expression. It’s not the money, or the fancy cars, or the big house. Success is an internal appreciation for the amount of effort YOU put into something. Appreciating your drive, your determination, to be the best version of YOURSELF.

If God created everything around us and decided that the planet needed someone just like you…

Why try to be anyone else?