The Apex Blog | Awards Do Not Belong on a Wall | Jan Almasy

Getting recognition feels good. No-one will deny that. Having people understand how much work you put in for a specific task is rewarding. Sometimes it can feel weird being pulled up on stage, being asked to say a few words, and awkwardly smiling as you shake the hand of the person giving you the award.

Ok, so have the piece of wood, with your name on it, in your hand. 

Now what?

Do you just hang it up on a wall? I bet that makes you feel good doesn’t it. Looking at all of your awards, hung up, telling all who enter how impressive of a person you are.

They are pointless up there. Stationary. A representation of past accomplishments.

Now. The two-sides to this scenario are pride in self, and continued action. It is OK to take pride in what you’ve accomplished. Not hanging your awards on a wall is a metaphor for not allowing yourself to become so consumed with the fact that you EARNED that award, that you let it define you. Those awards should be taken down and put into PRACTICE. CONTINUED ACTION.

As I stated, continued action is key. If the award is a representation of past accomplishments, what does that mean for your future? Are you going to be the person that a decade from now still talks about an award they won when they were a decade younger? Will you let that define you?

No. You won’t.

Keep pushing. Not for the next award. But to continue changing peoples lives. IF you get good at your mission, and you are passionate about changing the world.

The awards will come.

Just don’t let them hang on the wall.