The Apex Blog | Callings vs. Careers | Jan Almasy

How many times have you been told that you can’t do something?

Does it discourage you?

Does it enrage you?

Are you indifferent?

I’m here to tell you that when the world tell’s you that you’re not capable of something, especially something positive, you have an obligation to prove them wrong. It won’t be easy, trust me. If you want to be able to do something few people have ever done, you have to be willing to GRIND DAY IN AND DAY OUT. NO EXCUSES. Success isn’t one giant action, it’s an accumulation of small victories day in and day out. BE DISCIPLINED. Too many times we get caught up in the web of lies spun around us by society.

We get called freaks.

We get told that we need to slow down. That we need to learn to relax.

No Slack. Don’t give in to those lies.

Listen to those people closest to you, that you know you can trust. Take their well-intended advice to heart. It would be ignorant to believe that you have all the answers. That being said, if you still feel in your heart that you are being called to do something everyone thinks is absolutely insane.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can stand in your way.

Push yourself to your limit, and then past it. One of my greatest fears is reaching the end of my life here on earth and realizing that I didn’t utilize every single talent God had granted me with to the absolute peak of my abilities. THERE IS NO POINT IN BEING MEDIOCRE. Let people talk. Let them call you an “ass-kisser”. Let them call you an overachiever. A lot of the time, that response from people is a defense mechanism because they wish they weren’t so crippled by fear that they could be running alongside you, instead of trailing behind.

A danger to watch out for with this mentality is withdrawing from society. A lot of the time when people get so intently focused on a goal, they forget about the things that are truly important in life. As much as a successful career is important, a career without friends or family would be a lonely road. When I tell you to never let anyone or anything stand in your way, it’s not for a career. It’s for a calling. A vocation is given to you from on high. A career WILL NOT set your soul on fire. A CALLING WILL GIVE YOU THE CHILLS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Find what that calling is.

Then Go and Get it.

- Prove ‘Em Wrong